Friday, September 30, 2011

Roof Rafters 3

I began the day by peeling back the roof tarp on the west end of the JayBee so I could continue the rafter work. After last night's downpour, today was sunny and windy. Very windy. Quiz question: What will fill the JayBee this time of year if the house is left without a cover--even more so on a windy day?

Those who answer "leaves" are correct! In addition to the leaves that collected in the JayBee today, there were also red berries dropping and schmooshing everywhere. Very pleasant.

Once I climbed up onto the ceiling joists on the west end of the house, I noticed how nice the view is from there. If there was not a house in the way, the river view would be great.

The insect world ruled today. I was visited and sometimes hounded by several species. Many hornets and bees...

...a couple of cicadas (Can you find the one in the photo below? No, it's not the hornet. It blends in with the leaves behind it.). This photo also shows some of the berries that have not yet fallen and squished inside my house.

I think of this kind of bug (below) as a "stink bug." I don't really know its official name.

These dragonflies (below) were so "occupied," I had some difficulty dislodging them from my shoe.

I began the day with five more sets of rafters ready to install. I fastened the first set,

and then fastened two more sets in the west end of the house.

Dale arrived to help, and he offered to take some photos of me installing two sets of rafters in the east end of the house.

Now the easier stuff is done. What's left (as far as roof rafters go) is to figure out the east and west end roof overhangs, and the north- and south-facing gable peaks. Lots of compound angles to figure out and cut.

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