Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why? What's the Point?

I've had a few conversations with people recently who are new to checking out my project. As usually happens, they were a bit puzzled about why I am putting so much energy into a house that is so tiny, on a trailer, just the first of TWO intended houses, so much more work than using a yurt or clunker mobile home for a few years, etc. If you're a new visitor/follower here, have similar questions, and don't want to read this blog from the beginning, I recommend two posts:

Long Time Comin'

Why don't you just...?

Those posts attempt to explain the dreams, desires, and conditions that have led to the decisions I've made. Enjoy!


  1. The thought of living in a house I built with my own two hands, with no mortgage and a low cost of ownership would be enough justification for ME to build/live-in a tiny house. No doubt you have weighed the options and established the path that works for YOU. And that's what's important.

  2. I think "because I want to" sounds good!

  3. Most people genuinely are trying to understand my unconventional approach/decisions. (Okay, there was the man who adamantly repeated "You can't do that!" I laughed, thinking he was kidding. He wasn't. Unfortunately, we were dating at the time; yet another clue that that relationship had no future. :-) I have taken the "different road" often enough in my life that I'm used to people shaking their heads. Life is too short to live it by others' terms/rules. "Because I want to" works for me, too.