Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pretending It's Spring (Pantry Cabinet 1)

Surprisingly, the day began with temperatures in the low 40s. Felt like the beginning of spring. Ha! I used the opportunity to hang out a JayBee-related gift I received for Christmas. Dale made me a birdhouse duplex that looks like the JayBee! Very cute.

I've had lumber, intended for a JayBee pantry cabinet, clogging up my house for a few weeks...

The warm temps today prompted me to open up the JayBee...

...and use my saws to cut the pieces for the pantry cabinet.

I ran out of time (I still have a few more pieces to cut) but I got a lot done and, by the end of the day, my house was stacked with cabinet pieces. (The piano hinges are sitting on top of the stack.) Also by the end of the day, the temperature had plummeted. This next week will be frigid. I guess it really isn't spring yet!

Below are a couple of my pantry cabinet drawings. This cabinet will be narrow and tall; it will sit in front of the water heater (see floor plan). The whole cabinet will be on wheels (that lock) so, when necessary, it can be moved out of the way for access to the water heater.

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