Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aftermath 2

I finally had enough daylight hours at home that I could remove all of the tarps from the JayBee. It took awhile; there were dozens, if not hundreds, of staples to pull out. Given all the water that was standing in the JayBee after Irene moved out, I figured some water had to have worked its way under the tarps. Very little actually did. Things don't look too bad.


  1. Jan, Have you ever thought about keeping track of and logging the amount of time spent on this project? Even rough estimates, like number of days or weeks would be interesting.... Just curious!

  2. Interesting that you should ask... I had thought that I would track the time I spent on the JayBee. (After all, I'm obsessively keeping track of everything else about the project!) Turns out, though, that I haven't tracked my time at all, and I'm quite happy that I've been able to let it go. I don't think it would be meaningful to anyone else, anyway--unless I tracked the time in categories like planning, building, shopping/buying, etc.--AND if someone else had circumstances, temperament, and skills very similar to mine. I am following online the progress that a couple is making as they build their tiny house; they post their progress by "week" of work. But they are working on it full time and have at least one other full-time helper. I'm finding their timeline to be completely meaningless to me, since my circumstances are so different. They also started with a set of purchased plans, whereas I am building my own design. That means I've had to spend time drawing and planning that they were spared. Then again, they are using a lot of found/re-purposed material that has taken a lot of their time to clean, plane, sand, etc. One additional point: It'd be discouraging if knowing exactly how much time I've spent on this project reduced me to tears--either from the horror of realizing just how much time I've spent or from the disappointment of focusing on how slowly I'm making progress. :-)