Saturday, September 17, 2011

West Wall 4

Strange start to the day. Look what I found in the middle of my road! I am very puzzled as to just how this poor guy ended up there in this shape.

He clearly had a major wound at some point--from a boat propellor maybe?

Bear found this find quite fascinating.

I knew the perfect person to give this turtle shell to--Dale! He loves stuff like this.

Today was West Wall Day! This is how the JayBee looked first thing today--after collecting a bunch of rain a few days ago. (What's new?)

Once all the water was poured out of the house and the tarps dragged out, the new wall could go up.

Arlen and Dale came over to raise the west wall.

The wall fit in place amazingly easily. Such a relief! It only needed a little convincing with a sledge hammer. :-) Once we made the wall square with the two adjacent walls, and made it plumb, we fastened it.

Next step: The Ridge Board!

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