Saturday, June 25, 2016

Insulation & Vapor Barrier--Walls & Ceiling--2

More progress. The base and insulation for under the shower stall.

Bracing installed around the inside of the shower-stall bay--to support the sides of the shower stall and the grab bar I plan to put in the shower stall.

The shower stall slid back into place. Not installed yet, though; plumbing has to come first!

Some more baffles...

...and ceiling insulation.

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Sometimes George picks the weirdest places to sleep.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Insulation & Vapor Barrier--Walls & Ceiling--1

Before installing insulation, I used spray foam to plug the holes in the backs of the electrical boxes that would otherwise be holes in the eventual vapor barrier. The orange color indicates that this foam is fire blocking foam as well.

In order to keep the air moving from the ventilation holes in the eaves up to the ventilation holes next to the ridge board...

...I'm installing baffles to keep the insulation from plugging up the air flow.

Working in the JayBee seems to constantly involve cramming myself into tight spaces. I hit my elbow's funny bone three times while working in the shower stall.

Mess and chaos.

Insulation installed behind the shower stall...

...and up to the peak.

Then the vapor barrier installed behind the shower stall.

And all the edges taped.

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Loft Chair

I thought it would be nice to have a chair to use when reading in the reading-nook loft of the JayBee. I cut these two pieces out of maple boards.

Then, I rounded all the edges.

The chair will store flat.

And it will assemble into a chair when needed.

From this angle, looking at the chair set up in the loft, it doesn't look like there will be enough headroom to use it. Hmmm... We'll see.

Last weekend, a whole slew of wheelie carts and maintenance trucks went by on the railroad tracks. Only caught one in a photo.

Coming home from work one night this week, I saw a double rainbow.

Then I realized I could see the whole curve, from one end to the other. Pasting together two photos together...

Flowers in the yard...

One cat who thinks he's well hidden.

Another cat on a walk with me.

Morning light on the river...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Where Am I? And What Am I Doing?

That post title was suggested by my brother after he heard me puzzling over two pieces of trim I made (complete with custom metal flashing). I created these pieces so long ago that, when I went to install them today, I could not remember where I intended to use them.

Loss of momentum can be everything--and it has plagued me for many weeks now. I am working on regaining momentum on this project but, so far, I find myself dubbing around more than charging ahead. My winter plans for the JayBee project went far astray. The plan was that, while I was teaching a tiny house course, a plumber would move the project forward by installing all the rough-in plumbing. What happened instead: The plumber took a deposit from me and then never showed up to do any work. I spent my non-work time during the winter and early spring prepping for my course (way more time-consuming than I'd anticipated), hounding the AWOL and non-responsive plumber and, ultimately, filing complaints against the plumber-thief with the Better Business Bureau, state plumbing inspector, local police department, and state Attorney General's office. (No, I still have not received my money back.)

Here is the JayBee cleaned out and ready for plumbing. I finally installed the two closet walls (that include a loft ladder on the inside) so some of the plumbing for the washer can go in that wall.

Did you know that every plumber uses their own unique strategy for installing rough-in plumbing? I had no idea until speaking with so many different plumbers about my project. The plumber who absconded with my deposit without doing any actual plumbing work wanted to install the plumbing before the walls were insulated and finished. Another plumber wanted the walls to be insulated and finished before installing any plumbing--so I purchased the insulation for the ceiling and walls. Now, the latest plumber wants to do some of the plumbing before anything else is done with most of the walls but after the exterior walls behind the shower stall are insulated--and then he'll finish the rough-in after the rest of the walls are finished.

I have also been making some chairs that fold completely flat when not in use. Beginning with oak plywood with lines drawn...

...and cutting around all the lines.

Some recent experiences with introducing people to my blog taught me that it can be hard to find current photos of the JayBee, especially if the most recent posts don't display any exterior shots. To solve that problem, I have added a page of current JayBee photos. (See the link at the upper right, where the floor plan is.)

For those most interested in hearing how the cats are doing... We have been going on walks together all spring.

One spring day, an impromptu beach trip allowed me full run of the beach--without having to share it with anyone else!

Much to my surprise, the beach had some tiny houses on it--made out of driftwood.

A cute, waterfront, tiny house on the road between the beach and home.

Spring irises behind the JayBee...

...and in front of the JayBee.

For many years, I had a whole hillside of lupines every spring. I'm not sure exactly what has forced them out but, this year, that hillside had only one lonesome lupine.

An eagle dropped this at the top of my driveway the other day.

I was all excited to see this turtle getting ready to lay eggs in my road...

...until my brother showed me pictures of the turtle he found laying eggs one road over. This enormous beauty is magnificent!

The Kennebec has been going through its seasonal changes. From ice out... spring flooding...

...into early spring...

...and on to early summer.

Now to get busy again with house building!