Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring is Here!

I think it might actually be spring. About time. Two nice weekend days, followed by today--sunny, and in the 50s all day. The last pile of snow in front of the garage has melted.

Today, I spent the entire day either in the JayBee or outside.

I finally finished painting the east section of the clothes closet. What a tedious job! I was reminded why it's not common to paint framing lumber. So much easier to paint a flat wall instead.

I decided today was the day to fix the trash bin. Remember the trash bin? It worked for years as I had planned; I never put actual trash in there, but it held all of my recycling. Then, over time, the execution of the plan derailed. A few times in high winds, the lid flipped itself backwards over the top--bending the hinges beyond repair and, consequently, so warping the lid that it would no longer lift open or close tightly. The final straw was when a family of mice moved into the bin and made a mess of things. Before the snow set in last winter, I emptied out the bin and moved it up near the house awaiting repair. It has been in the way of the outfeed of my table saw, so I need to get it fixed and moved back down to the end of the driveway.

Today, I removed the lid from the bin and threw away the hinges.

The lid needed some work.

After sanding it, straightening out the curve with some extra screws, filling in the old screw holes, and re-staining it, it looked acceptable again.

I installed all new hinges on the lid. I also installed some latch thingies on the sides, so the lid can no longer go flipping around in high wind.

Done! If I come up with a way to keep mice out of the thing, I can move the bin back to the end of the driveway and put it back in use.

Old Man George has been loving the weather. He just soaks up the sun and sleeps endlessly--

--when he's not begging for scritches.

I just love this evening light on the river.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Patriots' Day

This is Patriots' Day. Boston Marathon day. (I hope the runners didn't freeze!) April 16--halfway through April. And it's snowing outside.

I complained a little while ago in this blog about spring not arriving quickly enough. It's over a month later, and not much has changed. This is definitely the winter that will not quit.

From a storm about ten days ago...

Mid way through today's storm...

The extreme chill keeps dampening my enthusiasm for working on the JayBee. I have managed to pick away at some minor projects--nothing too photo worthy. I put some primer paint on the east section of the clothes closet back when we had a semi-warm day. We haven't had another one of those for awhile. I have drawn some more of the storage cupboards for above the refrigerator and washer/dryer, and for under the bed. I purchased some more hardware for the interior. I also think I have made a decision about the interior door and window trim. I've been thinking about it forever--researching possibilities, wanting it to have a simple profile without looking clunky. Then, at a work retreat a few weeks ago, I saw this trim that is not too fancy. It has a simple bead along just the bottom edge of the top piece of trim.

Blah, blah, blah. Still waiting for spring to arrive for real.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Clothes Closet Shelf

I decided to add a shelf to the bottom of the east section of the clothes closet. Remember, this section will pivot open as a unit. If I want to keep things on the floor of the closet and don't want those things to scatter every time I open the closet, I will need a shelf to put them on.

I started by added a cross piece to the bottom.

Then, after much fussing and futzing, I added a shelf.

I am happy with the results!

On a completely different note...

After not seeing any cows at the neighboring farm all winter, they are back outside again. As they walked along this fence looking for something to eat, their feet crunched loudly through the ice and snow.

Three of them here among the trees.

These three cows on top of the hill were fiercely butting heads and pushing each other backwards. At first I thought it was some kind of testosterone-driven springtime male head-butting thing; then it occurred to me maybe they were just fighting over the one small patch of grass they'd unearthed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

More Clothes Closet

Not much sign of spring yet--except for the ducks and geese starting to return to the river. Brrr! It's been so cold! The river is mostly open, but sheets of ice and icebergs float by occasionally.

It is challenging getting much work done on the JayBee in this weather. It's cold, and navigating back and forth between the JayBee and the tarp garage to use the saws is not fun. Then, I track wet and mud into the JayBee--ugh. The days are longer, though, and I am determined, so I have made progress with the east section of the clothes closet.

Here is the east wall mostly done.

And the north wall...

The south wall underway...

...and done.

I cannot access my wood stores at the moment; the deep snow and ice are blocking the door. I found a few scraps in the JayBee--out of which I crafted some trim pieces. After adding the backing trim to the ironing-board cupboard, I joined the north and east walls.

Then I added the south wall.

The framing for the east side of the closet is pretty much done! I think I might paint it all now (before adding the hinge to attach it to the north wall of the JayBee), while I can flip it around and get to all its parts, but that can wait for a warmer day.

More snow is supposed to move in tomorrow night into Thursday. That's just the way we roll up here (along with the rest of the northeast, apparently)--endless winter.