Monday, September 12, 2011

West Wall 3

Note: I have revised my previous post--West Wall 2--to describe a good "duh" moment.

Fourth day in a row with sunshine and no rain! Since I managed to get myself home from work with an hour of daylight left, I took advantage of it. I cut and attached more sheathing to the west wall.

There wasn't much light left as I packed things away. Another great moon tonight!

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  1. Oh, I'm *so happy* that this wall has finally come together! Of course, it looks great :-)

    And isn't it funny that as soon as you acquired all those cinder blocks for the hurricane, they turned into vital tools? Good ol' Yankee ingenuity, eh?

    So, hopefully you guys will have another wall-raising next weekend and then be ready for the Grand Ridgeboard Installation?

  2. Isn't it exciting? Nerve-racking as well, since this wall has to fit exactly. (Did you know that the preferred spelling of nerve-racking does not include a "w"? News to me.) When I got home tonight, I finished attaching the plywood, so it's ready to go. I guess I'll cut the bathroom subfloor to fit Saturday morning, and then the wall and the ridge board!! will go up that afternoon.

  3. And is this a miracle or what: the forecast this weekend is for sun and temps in the 60s -- how perfect is that?! It's got to be an omen for a good fit on the wall, don't you think?

  4. I'll take all the good omens I can get! :-)