Saturday, September 24, 2011

Roof Rafters 1

Even after the rain stopped this morning, the day remained very dark and very humid.

I spent the morning in the JayBee, reading roofing chapters in books...

...and drawing a rafter template on the floor of the JayBee. (In the photos below, I enhanced the lines of my drawings in Photoshop so you can see them.)

I am using 2x10s for my rafters. That's much more rugged than is required structurally; I want the added depth in order to install a lot of insulation in the roof.

I cut the peak end of a rafter (left end in photo below) with the miter saw and drew the tail cuts.

I cut the tail-end cut and most of the bird's-mouth cut with the circular saw and then finished the bird's mouth with the hand saw.

I then made sure the rafter matched the drawn template.

I cut another rafter to match--so I now have one as a template and one I can use to install and make sure the template is right. Hopefully tomorrow I will install my first roof rafter!

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Roof Framing Wrap-Up

I went on an eagle hunt late in the day. At least one eagle had been calling all day down by the river, so I went to see if I could spot it. I found more mushrooms (so added photos to yesterday's post) and signs that fall foliage colors are on their way.

When I got down to water's edge, I startled the eagle (who was directly overhead) who then startled me as it took off--so I didn't get a photo of it.

Guess who joined me?


  1. OK, I just have to say that I've looked at this post twice -- once last night and then just now -- and both times I burst out laughing when I got to that last photo. Bear is such a hoot :-)

    Anyway, to a non-builder like me, your rafters look very sophisticated! And since the weather is finally starting to cooperate, you won't lose momentum and be able to get going on installation -- yay. Do you have another day to work on the JayBee tomorrow, too?

  2. No, I don't have tomorrow to work on the house. I'll be at work. Maybe working will give my thumb time to heal; I hammered it good today!