Sunday, September 4, 2011

West Wall 1

So...I thought the west wall was going to be a quick wall. After all, it's small and more simple than the east wall. I already had most of the pieces cut because it was the first wall I'd cut pieces for--before I ended up deciding I really had to start with the north wall. Plus, I'm a little seasoned now; I know what I'm doing, right? Not so fast.

Yesterday I spent half the day getting things set up again. (I had previously put absolutely everything completely away in anticipation of hurricane Irene.) I spent a bunch of time pondering and debating. Some of my dilemma had to do with the fact that I have no good place to assemble the whole wall. It will be too large to assemble the whole thing on the floor of the JayBee. Before I let that problem completely derail me, I told myself to start by building the wall in sections. I decided to start with the triangular part above the top plate. The framing of the west wall is different from the framing for the east wall (it has a smaller window, for one), but the outer dimension of it, especially the height, has to match up with the east wall, so the ridge board ends up straight and level. I kept climbing the ladder up to the top of the east wall to measure things. By the end of the day, I had some boards cut, and I'd built this header for the tiny awning window. I know at least one person who will appreciate the time it took to make the angle cuts by hand through this thick header. :-)

This morning, I began to assemble things. (Also notice that I used some of the Irene cinder blocks to build some steps.)

I quickly discovered that the header I'd built was all wrong. So, I built a new one. Yes, with long, angled, hand cuts.

I ended the day a little further along (but I forgot to take a picture), but not until I'd re-cut the angled side boards THREE times. Goodness, what a waste of time and materials. It's a good thing I didn't make these kinds of mistakes on the other three walls or I'd have no building materials left. I wish I could say that I'll make more progress tomorrow. No such luck. At my workplace, we LABOR on Labor Day.

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