Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ridge Board!

Immediately after we had the west wall in position, we were eager to install the ridge board. Up until now, the ridge board has sat covered and anchored in my yard.

First, Dale and Arlen carried the ridge board to the west end of the house, passed it up through the loft window, and set it down on the ceiling joists.

Arlen climbed up onto the east-end ceiling joists to set that end of the ridge board in place.

Then Arlen climbed up onto the west-end ceiling joists to set that end of the ridge board in place.

Done! This is SO exciting! A momentous milestone in this project.

Doesn't this next shot make the house look like a toolbox?

We are not expecting rain tonight or tomorrow but I was very eager to take advantage of this easier way to keep water OUT of the JayBee.


  1. Fantastic!! I know I keep saying this, but it really is great to be able to get all the news without having to take up your valuable time with a phone call :-)

    I especially like the bird's-eye views of the ridge board!

    Now what? Rafters? (Mother Hen alert:) "Be careful up there!"

  2. Isn't this exciting?! I think it's funny that something that was so quick and relatively effortless (setting the ridge board in place) can be such cause for celebration--compared to what really took a lot of time and effort but isn't so visually stunning (most of the rest of the construction). It's still true, though; seeing that ridge board up there just makes me want to dance!

  3. I especially like the second bird's-eye view of the ridge board. It looks so straight--and exactly parallel to the top of the south wall! :-)