Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rain Proofing

I felt a bit funky today, so it was nice that I could move at slow speed. I fastened the west-end sheathing that overlaps the north and south walls. I worked on the last bit of sheathing for the east-end peak.

It's amazing how much time can be spent on something so small. By the time I thought to take a picture of it installed, I'd already covered the area with a tarp.

There are now tarps to cover all of the openings, and they can be tied open to allow access and air flow.

I'll add a photo tomorrow that shows all the tarps down. Not only was the JayBee collecting water before; it also collected leaves. I hope to spend far less time now bailing water and ejecting schmutz!

I finished the day by straightening the whole yard. I have a sizable pile of cinder blocks! I also have some tarps that are NOT in use at the moment.

Update 19 Sep 2011: I promised another photo but then...I left for work when it was barely light, and I returned from work when the daylight was mostly gone. This was the best I could get:

All covered and ready for the anticipated rain.


  1. You haven't talked about it--But I'm guessing you're in a race to close things up as much as possible before the cold weather.

  2. So true. The people who are following this project that I see face to face have been asking, so they're aware of my revised timeline. I'll create a post about it to inform everyone else.