Saturday, September 10, 2011

South Wall 5

The beginning of the week was all about rain--endless rain. Between Monday night and Thursday night, the rain didn't stop long enough while I was home for me to empty the JayBee of water. By Thursday night, this is what I was faced with.

After two intense hours of pouring, bailing, and mopping, I had the water out of the JayBee. I left the tarps off so everything could dry out on Friday. By this morning, things looked okay again.

I began today's construction with dismantling most of what I'd constructed of the west wall last weekend. It just wasn't right, and it wasn't close enough to right that I could live with it. Then I wasted time in indecision about how to proceed. Finally I gave up on the west wall and turned my attention to the south wall. I decided to finish sheathing the outside of the south wall. I started with the top.

Before moving down, I filled this small cavity...

with insulation, since the sheathing would make it inaccessible from the inside.

It took the rest of the day to finish, but it looks good now.

While I was working today, this butterfly stopped by.

So did Bear.

I guess I have to return to the west wall tomorrow.

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