Monday, June 27, 2011

Aerial Maneuvers

I've just decided that, if I make a major career change, I'm going to become a crane operator. I thought operating an excavator was fun when I rented one years ago. How much better to make things fly through the air! I will not skimp on these pictures of my lumber order being delivered because I know Finley, especially, will appreciate every one of them.

First to back in my driveway was the boom truck.

Then, my lumber order was backed in on a flatbed dump truck.

The boom-truck operator lifted the crane,

spun it around and used it to lift all the 2x lumber,

spun back around,

lowered the load,

and set it precisely in place.

Then the crane was spun back around to the flatbed dumper to pick up all the plywood

and set it near the trailer in the driveway.

Without a load once again,

the crane spun back to the dump truck and picked up the pallet of shingles,

spun back around again,

and set the pallet in place.

After everything was set in place and the trucks left, I scurried around--moving things into the house, covering and securing everything else. I kept tripping in my yard until I finally figured out that one of the outriggers that steadied the crane while it was operating left a substantial square indentation in my lawn. Not surprising, I guess, given the size of the thing!

I also noticed I had a visitor during this fine day...