Sunday, August 31, 2014

Roof Rafters 18

Are you tired of seeing new posts that start with "Roof Rafters..."? Look at it this way: You cannot possibly be more sick of roof rafters than I am.

Before I could shift gears from the dormers to the roof rafters on the west and east ends of the JayBee, I first removed the ladders and the scaffolding from the living room area...and reveled in the fact that the dormers are done.

Then I turned my attention to end rafters. Aargh...remember these?

I installed the last rafter on the west end of the JayBee, and began installing blocking between the end rafters.

I wish I could say the west end was completely done once the blocking was done on the west end...

...but, alas, I still have to trim the rafter tails. While I was on a roll, though, I started installing blocking on the north side of the JayBee.

And, from the inside looking out.

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Roof Framing Wrap-Up

This time of year, caterpillars of all types keep showing up in my work area.

At one point while I was installing blocking, I saw this creature crawling up the wall toward me.

Yikes! What is he, exactly? I knocked him off the wall, down onto the ground. When I later climbed back up into the rafters to install the next block, I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if that creature has crawled back up here?" Not so funny. Either the same one had, indeed, crawled back up, or there was another one up there. I knocked it to the ground. Later, I felt something on my hand; when I turned to look, there was one crawling on my hand! Still don't know what they are!

When I was putting things away for the day, I noticed this spiderweb inside a cinderblock. Sitting near the table saw, it has caught a lot of fine sawdust. If you look closely, you will see that there are actually two webs stacked in this tube.

I put a new tarp over the JayBee's west end today. Here is George frolicking on the tarp--as he loves to do!

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