Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dormer Wrap Up 2

I installed the nailers along the diagonal valley rafters in the south dormer today. Here's a look at all the nailers (on the right) down the southeast valley rafter.

When I put the sheathing on the outside of the dormers, each valley rafter forms a tiny air pocket where it crosses over the top plate on the wall.

I filled each of those air pockets with insulation while they were more accessible--before applying the sheathing.

Half of the sheathing done on the south dormer...

The south dormer is now done!

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For those following the adventures of my cats...

It has not been George's summer. He has crashed to the floor of the JayBee twice after climbing into the rafters. He has been scared out of his wits numerous times when the neighbor's dog randomly comes running through the yard. Yesterday, the DOG ran up the driveway and excitedly circled George--and George did not wake up from his nap! I was up in the JayBee's rafters at the time. I thought that George had to be dead not to wake up with a large dog bouncing and breathing heavily around him. But, then, I saw his paw twitch and I realized he was just sleeping very soundly. He looked like this...

I was afraid the dog would jump on him, so I was yelling at the dog and yelling at the dog's owner. George still didn't wake up. Two or three minutes after all the commotion was completely over and all was quiet, George woke and sat up. He must have then smelled the dog because he ran off to hide!

Finally, last night, George ended up getting sprayed by a skunk. He has enough stink on him that, if you pet him, your hand stinks afterwards. Poor guy. It's tough getting old--and not being as on top of your game as you once were.

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