Monday, August 11, 2014

Roof Rafters 16

How does a woman who has received a diagnosis of severe carpal tunnel in both wrists, and already knew she has severe arthritis in both thumbs build a house by herself? The same way she has been doing it all along--one step at a time, with judicious use of clamps and such to make it as easy and doable as possible.

Further progress on the south dormer...

Today I managed to trim the rafter tails on the south dormer. What a struggle! I was out there in the bright sun, the air wasn't moving at all. I had to move the ladder inside, then outside, then inside, then outside. Several times, I had to retreat from the sun and sweat just so I could breathe. Finally, I was done. This may not seem like much, but I had been worried that I wouldn't figure out a way to cut all the rafter tails to the same length, so this feels like quite an accomplishment.

The JayBee has a new cover! All that dragging of the tarps back and forth over the ridge board and rafters had popped quite a few holes, and rain was starting to leak in. Did I remove a layer or two in the process? No; I couldn't scare up the energy to do that. I wore myself out just getting the new layer up there. So, there are now four layers of tarps that I'm dragging back and forth.

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Every time I move a tarp around, George (and sometimes Bear) comes running over so he can crawl under it. Even when it is baking in the sun!

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