Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pantry Cabinet 8

After much experimentation, I decided I will paint the JayBee's kitchen cabinets a light green color. I am mixing a custom color of milk paint, and I have mixed it to be thinner than paint but thicker than a wash--so the wood grain bleeds through a little. I started by painting all the adjustable shelves that sit in the back of the pantry cabinet, and then adding three coats of poly whey. Here is one of the shelves.

See how well the color coordinates with the tiles I will use as a backsplash over the kitchen counter and stove?

I next focused on the insides of the doors because I was anticipating a houseful of company--and I needed a place to get my spices put away. (They had all been sitting on my kitchen table since I brought the pantry cabinet into my house and displaced my spice cabinet.)

In addition to applying all the coats of paint and poly whey, I cut shelf liners to fit each of the various shelves.

I got the insides of the doors done before company arrived--so the spices have a home. Painting the rest of the cabinet will wait for future rainy days.

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