Saturday, July 26, 2014

Roof Rafters 12

Before I could build the dormers, I had to be sure the JayBee was level because I need a level base to have any hope of installing level ridge boards in the dormers. Surprisingly, even with all the frost upheavals over the winter and spring thaw, the JayBee was very close to level. I used a bottle jack to adjust three of the support posts--until the JayBee was perfectly level.

The night after I finished leveling the JayBee, we had heavy thunderstorms. All that water threw the JayBee slightly out of level. Rather than adjust it all again, I waited a day for things to dry out, which returned the JayBee to level.

I had been struggling with carrying all the fasteners I use (four different kinds of screws and one type of nail) plus various drill bits and hurricane ties up into the rafters and having them accessible when I need them. Early on, I gave up on carrying them in my tool belt and put them in a plastic container. (See container on the left in the photo below.) With everything mixed together in the container, I had a hard time grabbing just the right thing when I needed it, while also holding a rafter in place. During a recent lunch break, I made a new container to hold my stuff.

I'm happier now!

The dormer ridge boards have two angle cuts on their top edge and two angle cuts on their inner ends.

I built a jig to use to help me prop up a dormer ridge board while I make marks and calculate for cuts.

Then I built a permanent support post...

and installed it with the dormer ridge board.

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Roof Framing Wrap-Up

A dog raced through the yard a few evenings ago. Next thing I knew, Bear was way up in a tree. Poor thing! It's not really fair that dogs are allowed to run loose; my cats should feel they are safe from terror in their own yard.

On another day, Bear rested  safely above ground and watched me peel the tarps off the JayBee to begin work.

George just kept doin' his thing.


  1. On the other hand, Bear seems to do a pretty good job of terrorizing you in your own yard...
    The rafters are looking great, so many fancy cuts, I don't know how you do it.

  2. So true, so true--about Bear.