Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pocket Door 5

Another rainy-day project I have done is work on the pocket door I made for the bathroom in the JayBee. I sanded the whole thing several times. Then I carved holes into the door to accommodate the hardware.

First, I carved the holes needed for the pull out handle that will go on the edge of the door.

Then I carved the two holes on either side of the door--for the side handles. Here's a rough hole about a third of the way through the process.

Here is the same hole, all done and ready for the handle.

A side handle set in place.

Both a side handle and the edge handle set in place.

I think I want to stain the door. Unfortunately, I think there are some glue stains on the door that I cannot sand off. How could I have been so careless?! I think of myself as being meticulously careful when working with glue--but the stains are there nonetheless. I have to keep pondering this one.

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