Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Roof Rafters 11

My days are filled with problem-solving. Mostly I've been calculating angle cuts, but I also keep trying to strategize to make the work a bit easier. I've been having trouble juggling everything I need to have with me when I'm working up high. On the south side of the JayBee, I can set things on top of the small entryway. Working on the north side is more challenging because there's nowhere to put things. Here is one solution I crafted--a series of bowline loops that I hang a bunch of clamps in so they're within easy reach and I'm not constantly knocking them down and having to go fetch them. (I have also worried that I'm going to concuss one of my cats when I drop these things!)

That solution has been working so well, I have started to hang my hammer as well.

Once I had the big diagonal rafters installed, the others started going a tiny bit quicker. Not as much quicker as I had hoped, but somewhat.

Next up: Framing the dormers on the south and north sides of the roof.

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Roof Framing Wrap-Up

For any of my readers who think my cat Bear (the white one) is pretty, let me say this: No amount of pretty makes up for serious deficits in character. I don't know if Bear has some kind of brain injury, or if he was abused in a former life, but he is known to scratch/bite on occasion, without provocation. (He fairly regularly pounces on George, which is probably no small part of why George doesn't like him.) Yesterday as I was standing outside the JayBee, looking up at the rafters and formulating a plan, Bear charged me for no reason and clawed my leg--both front...

...and back.

This is where he hid out (on top of that lumber pile) when I let him know he was to get nowhere near me for awhile.

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