Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Roof Rafters 13

The rafters in the north dormer are slowly proliferating. Slowly because I keep taking breaks for rain. (How did today's forecast of 0% chance of rain turn into a torrential downpour and then showers throughout the day?!) It is so much work to peel back the tarps from the roof of the JayBee (and put them back afterwards) that I need to be assured of having hours to work rain-free or it's not worth it to begin.

I hit some challenges working in tight spaces. I couldn't get my drill on some of the screws...until I remembered I had this tool that I had never used before. It allows you to turn screws around a corner, and it did the trick.

The next bit will be to install the rafter tails that hang from the dormer out over the top of north wall.

I have been working on my list of rainy-day projects, so I have a few more posts to write. Stay tuned.

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Roof Framing Wrap-Up

I was on the road today, returning my son to the Appalachian Trail. I hadn't seen him since he began hiking the trail in Georgia back in March. (See his blog.) He took two days off to take a break and skip out on some torrential rain. At least it wasn't raining when he started hiking again today.

Figuring out where he was headed:

He was all groans as his worn-out knees complained over the initial uphill. Much steeper hills to follow!

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