Friday, January 1, 2016

West Side is Done! (Siding-West Wall-10)

It was bound to happen. We now have snow on the ground, and it is cold. Not a fun snowstorm, either. Snow, then enough rain to compact the snow and form a thick crust of ice, then more snow.

I do smile when I see snow sitting on the JayBee's metal roof, and as it curls and slowly slides off.

The cats were not happy. It took a bit of coaxing to get them to take brief forays out in the stuff.

It takes more coaxing for me to get myself out there as well. It's the time of year that I'd like to be curled up inside where it's warm. Thankfully, once I'm actually out there and working, I seem to have no problem sticking with it.

Here are some of the weird shingle shapes it took to finish the west wall.

One more row done.

Finally, the last row done!

Yup, it was dark again when I finished.

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Here are some great pictures of Boston--taken while on a walk in East Boston on Christmas Day. It got as warm as 70 degrees while I was there!


  1. A few year ago, one of my cats who was mostly an outdoor cat decided she WOULD go out into that snowstorm. She made it halfway across the yard through snow higher than she was, then decided it was a bad idea, turned around and spent the day inside with me.

  2. Yup, I know that behavior. Typically during the winter, one or the other cat will beg, beg, beg to go outside. When I open the door on the really cold days, they sniff the air, sniff the air some more, then often just turn around and bolt away from the door. Or...they go outside, and then beg to come back in within minutes. If I'm out there with them and they're desperate to go back inside, they follow me around--meowing. Gotta love 'em!