Friday, January 22, 2016

Siding (East Wall) 12

My life has been busy, although not so much with house building, unfortunately. I will be transitioning from one job to another over the next couple of weeks. It's an exciting change. I will still be working part time, so I'm also looking forward to re-focusing my non-work time on house building again. Well, that and planning for my upcoming tiny house course!

Many days ago, I added another row of shingles to the east end of the JayBee.

Then, we had some snowstorms and high winds.

Today it was bitter cold, but with the help of the sun...

...I managed to get another row of shingles installed.

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My report in an earlier post that the river had finally frozen over was premature. The weekend following that post, temperatures rose into the 50s (!) and the river opened up completely again.

Storms and colder temperatures moved in.

It was bitter cold all this week...but there is still open water out there.

Deer tracks near the river's edge.

Another pileated woodpecker (or maybe the same one?) visited today. The thing is huge. And a very loud talker!

I guess the huge blizzard that is supposed to bury much of the east coast tonight and tomorrow is going to miss us completely. Stay safe, everyone!

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