Friday, January 8, 2016

Siding (East Wall) 11

Another row of shingles installed.

Today, I managed to drop the plastic container I use for cedar stain on the floor of the kitchen of the old house. The lid popped off, and stain went everywhere. It was a mess, yes, but creating this kind of mess in an old house I plan to tear down is different than doing the same thing in a newly finished house that I have painstakingly built. I took this as a reminder that I definitely must make sure I have a shop that is separate from the JayBee after I tear the old house down. I can't use the JayBee for all my messy projects; I'm too klutzy for that!

Another row done.

And another one.

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The river froze over this week. Some years we have our first ice-out in mid January. This year, we hadn't even had an ice-in until two days ago.

While I was working outside a few days ago, a chicken-sounding bird swooped behind me and landed in the crab-cherry tree (with the tiny-house birdhouse in it). It was a huge pileated woodpecker. Look closely and you'll see him. (Or look at the zoomed-in photo below for a hint.)

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