Thursday, January 28, 2016

East Side is DONE! (Siding-East Wall-13)

After another row of shingles installed...

Then another row...

And, then...yes! I installed the last shingles on the east side today.

Given how little snow we have on the ground at the moment, it is tempting to consider moving on to shingling the north side of the JayBee. It's really slick back there, though, so I think I will shift my energy to indoors work.

It's kinda looking like a real house!

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The cats have been trying to act like it's spring. They hang out in the JayBee's doorway, which does get toasty in the sun.

George has been appreciating the lack of snow on the hillside behind the JayBee.

It's cold! ... but the river still has open water. Very strange winter we're having.

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