Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Light Here...A Model There.

I installed the lights in the outside entryway today. You may ask: Isn't this a little premature? My answer: Why, yes, especially since (1) there is no power being supplied to the JayBee at the moment, (2) the interior of the JayBee is far from done, and (3) I have already paid an electrician for this work. Then why? Just cuz I felt like it!  :-)  I wanted to see the added finished look.

I know the lights are hard to see in this photo. Once again, I finished up as it was getting dark.

I also reinstalled the outside light on the southeast corner. I had taken it down when it filled with water during a torrential rainstorm. Of course, this makes me wonder just how long this light is going to work in this location. It's supposed to be an "exterior" light. Sheesh. Two good things: Once I dried it out completely, it resumed working again. And, since it is battery operated and not wired, I don't have to worry that its leaking will put the whole house's electrical system at risk.

Here is my project from the last couple of nights. I put this together to use in my upcoming Design Your Own Tiny House class.

Now that the outside is done, I am going to start designing interior pieces.

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