Sunday, December 27, 2015

Apropos of Nothing...Best Stocking Gift Ever

Santa gave me the best gift ever in my stocking this year: Sculpt Your Own Boyfriend

From the box:
Can't get your own? Sculpt Your Own Boyfriend
Make the boyfriend of your dreams. Create the perfect boyfriend with this Sculpt Your Own kit. It contains all you need to make a perfect man of your very own. Ooh-La-La!

Inside the box are sculpting instructions, including "special variations" to try: French Man; Geek Chic; The Punk; Mr. Punctual; The Fiancé; The Hunk; Surf Dude; Big Feet; Hairy Hippy; Movie Star; Gangster; Dancer; Millionaire; Policeman; Baldie; Shortie; Retro; Gymnast; Rockstar; Tall, Dark, and Handmade; Posh Chap; Fireman; Mr. Sensitive; Prince Charming; and The Classic Bloke.

Also inside the box is a backdrop for this ideal man. (I'm not sure how seeing this man in his man cave [complete with scantily-clad-woman poster] is attractive, exactly, but still...)

Too funny!

Update 1 Jan 2016: I've been mulling this over (clearly I have way too much time for mulling at the moment!), and I'm thinking this item was made by men who are guessing what women want. What do you think? Here are some of the "special variations" I would include in such a kit: Cat Lover, Honest & True, Mr. Mechanical, Chef, Domestic God, Partner in Projects (Who Does Not Have to Be Boss), Mr. Supportive/Cheerleader, Partner in Giggles, Generous of Spirit, Mr. Volunteer, Mr. Friend to All Children, Present and Aware.


  1. I hear this is popular in Japan.

  2. Oh my goodness! Who knew? I cringed as I clicked on that link--not knowing just how risqué the result would be--but that was okay. (No, this is not an invitation to my other followers to add to the list.) I had no idea just how many substitutes there are for the often-more-bothersome real thing.