Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Siding (West Wall) 3

I've been slogging through the humidity, and slowly making progress with siding the west end. Two more rows and I was up to the window.

Another row...

...and another two. Caught both cats in this photo. George is out!

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Yesterday, I did finally go swimming in the river at the end of the day. After sweating all day in the humidity, the cool water felt great!

I invited both cats to join me at the river. Bear was eager, but George was all "ho hum, I'm not goin' anywhere."

Then, when Bear and I got back to the house, George ran over like he was thinking "Hey, where'd you guys go? What did I miss?"

Today when I was up on a ladder, guess what Bear was thinking?!

He paced back and forth, chatting and complaining, but he didn't climb the ladder--this time.

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