Monday, July 6, 2015

West Wall 6

Here are all the pieces cut for the end wall on the west bumpout. It looks like a lot of lumber for a four-foot wall. This wall will have some extra reinforcement built in because the bathroom sink is going to hang on it.

Here is the header for above the window all constructed. I thought having to go back through all the stages of construction to get the west end caught up with the rest of the house would depress me. Not so. So far, I seem to be remembering how to do everything, and I have more confidence doing it. I'm having fun!

All the vertical pieces constructed.

Everything pieced together but not screwed, just to be sure I cut all the pieces right.

The middle of the wall constructed.

The whole thing assembled.

Here is the exterior plywood cut to fit. Not yet glued and screwed.

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My poison ivy is making me miserable! The hotter it gets, the more I itch. At least working on the JayBee distracts me, takes my mind temporarily off the itching.

George hiding in the irises.

George visiting the construction zone.

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