Friday, July 10, 2015

West Wall 8

The top of the west end bumpout needed some roof rafters.

Cut roof rafters started piling up.

All but the corner rafters installed.

The corner rafters are complicated. Three edges have compound-angle cuts.

Finally, I had both corner rafters installed.

Next, I added a hurricane tie to each rafter.

Then I added blocking between each of the rafters.

Roof sheathing added.

Radiant barrier added to the west end.

Housewrap done up to the level of the bumpout roof!

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Once again, my yard is full of snakes. I keep startling them. And they keep startling me!

This morning before I got out of bed, I heard these little snaps outside the window. It sounded like twigs snapping. I thought it might be a deer, so I sat up and watched. Sure enough, just a few feet from the edge of the grass, this deer's head appeared. She was a young one. It's amazing how close they can get without being seen. The foliage around here is like a jungle!

A temporary d├ętente.

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