Saturday, July 4, 2015

Subflooring 3

It's about time I finished the floor!

Before my consultation with a plumber on Friday, I was catching up on all kinds of odd jobs. Staining more shingles; no pictures, just take my word for it. Bending thousands of staples over on the inside of the JayBee walls.

Cleaning out the JayBee.

All necessary but boring/thankless tasks.

After the plumber told me that the holes for the drain lines are more easily drilled through the completed subfloor, I jumped to get the floor done.

This end, the bathroom end of the JayBee, has looked like this for years.

I used clamps to hold the bottom on the bumpout until I could get it screwed in place.

After that was done...

...I started adding insulation to the bays. When the insulation batts are the exact size of the bays, this moves along quickly.

And Roxul is so easy to cut, even custom-cutting batts goes quickly.

After the insulation was installed, I added the radiant barrier.

Dale was kind enough to help get this plywood installed. I had the piece cut and in place, but I just could not get the groove engaged with the tongue on the adjoining sheet. With Dale's help, we got it done!

I'm particularly pleased with the end piece of subfloor. I cut a groove in the side of the piece--that fit perfectly over the tongue on the adjoining piece.

Subfloor is done!

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