Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Window Trim 7

Since I had made the trim for the bathroom window when I constructed all the other trim for the downstairs windows, it was a fairly easy job to install it.

I had also previously made the metal flashing for the top of the window trim, so I installed that as well.

Installed bathroom window--from the inside.

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  1. Now, you just KNOW, that if you don't post a picture or two of the cats, and/or the river, local flora and fauna. . .etc. . .

    You're gonna hear about it.

    Nice work on the window and west end.

  2. Too funny, DWR! So true. Sometimes I am so focused on the building, I forget that the building part is not the primary reason that some of my readers regularly visit my blog. I will try to do better. :-)