Saturday, July 4, 2015

How Hard Can It Be to Find a Plumber?

I have never wanted to put the plumbing in the JayBee myself. I don't want to learn how to do it, and I don't want to buy the tools to do it either. However, I have been looking for a plumber for years! Truly. Years.

Mostly, plumbers don't call or email me back after I contact them. Apparently the few plumbers we have in this area are so busy they can be very choosey. That's no excuse for being rude and unresponsive, of course, but there you go.

I have had plumbers make appointments with me to come check out my project, and then not show up or call to explain. I had one plumber tell me that he makes most of his money from supplying the fixtures and, since I already have my sinks, toilet, shower stall, etc., he wasn't interested in the job. I had a plumber act all excited about the job but then never follow through with a quote. I had a plumber show up and then act not at all interested in the job. He was practically rolling his eyes in a skeptical, what-are-you-doing kind of way. Nevertheless, he said he would send me a quote. I was debating whether I was desperate enough to hire someone who had no enthusiasm for the project and condescended to me but, thankfully, I wasn't put in that position; he never sent a quote.

Last Sunday, I bumped into some neighbors who were walking my road. They were curious about my project, so I invited them up for a tour. And they had a recommendation for a plumber!

Monday, I called the recommended plumber. I got one of those "this number is no longer in service" recordings. I triple-checked the number, tried calling from two different phones, tried on two different days. Same result every time. In the process of researching the number for the recommended plumber, I had found the name of a different local plumber that I had not seen before. When I called that plumber, I also got a "no longer in service" message. No joke. 

I finally decided that these years of unsuccessful experiences were a sign. Maybe I should be doing my own plumbing--whether I want to or not. While running some errands on Wednesday, I made a quick stop at the local Home Depot. When a worker asked me if he could help me, I asked, "Don't you have a book section--with how-to books?" He responded: "Lady, that section left the store when the computer age started!" After laughing, I explained that I have been unable to find a plumber so I was thinking that I would have to plumb my own house. He took me to the plumbing section, pointed to another HD worker and said, "That guy's picture is on the wall. He's a master plumber. I bet he will know a plumber he can recommend."

Well, maybe miracles occur after all. The plumber recommended by the Home Depot guy came to the house on Friday. He was interested and helpful. He answered my questions. He didn't condescend to me. He actually acted like he would want the job. He took a copy of the JayBee's floor plan to help him draw up a plumbing and propane plan. He says he will give me a quote on the job. Time will tell.

In the meantime, this plumber explained that it will be easier for him to put the plumbing and propane vents in after the metal roofing is installed. And, he says it will be easier for him to put in the drain lines after the floor in the bathroom is finished. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how long I have waited and worried about the drains and vents! I believe this guy, though, so I am ready to charge ahead with finishing up the west end of the JayBee and putting the roofing on!

Happy July 4 everyone! I had my own fireworks display tonight--directly across the river from my house. None of my pictures do the show justice; it was spectacular.

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