Wednesday, July 8, 2015

West Wall 7

Before attaching the exterior plywood to the west bumpout wall, I decided to put a little insulation in the wall. There is a shallow bay underneath the window in the wall (seen below upside down). Although the lower edge of the bay will be accessible from the inside of the bumpout, I decided that it would be too deep (and the opening too narrow) to be able to get insulation in there evenly once the plywood was installed.

So, I put insulation in just the bay area.

And then installed the plywood.

Dale and Arlen came over and helped install the wall on the bumpout.

At this point, the sides of the bumpout were still open.

After I installed plywood on both sides of the bumpout.

And from the inside.

Oh my goodness...the JayBee is finally enclosed!

Next up: Getting a roof on the west end bumpout.

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Arlen spent some time working to complete a queen-sized bed that I started years ago but will no longer need. He is going to finish it and use it.


  1. All the walls up. That's got to be a milestone. And you'll be able to keep working farther into the cold season if you're not already finished.

  2. I know, DWR, ALL THE WALLS ARE UP! Woo hoo! Exciting, exciting. I am hoping that I will not still be building when the next cold season starts, but anything is possible... Not thinking about that now... Just dancing a jig. All the walls are up!