Friday, February 13, 2015

Window Trim 6

It snowed all day yesterday. Even with the sun and blue, cloudless sky today, it was frigid cold--below zero with the wind chill. Another blizzard is in the forecast for the weekend. Yippee!

A couple days ago, I installed the flashing above the east end bumpout window.

Today was the day to implement my plan for flashing the north side window. I really did not want to try to wrestle a ladder behind the JayBee in waist deep snow. I decided instead to install the flashing by hanging out of the north window.

My plan worked so much easier in my mind than it did in reality. I could reach to hammer the nails that were in the middle of the flashing, but I had so much difficulty reaching the far ends. I tried a dozen different ways of hanging out those windows, but the windows were in the way. I told myself to leave the last few nails and housewrap tape until spring, and I thought I had given in to that idea. But...I just could not be denied! Finally, after much rigamarole, I finished.

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Every moment I have not been creating the flashing, I have been staining siding shingles. I have gotten much more creative in how I stack the shingles for drying, so I have been able to stain three to four times as many shingles per batch.

I have boxes of stained shingles stacking up all over the place.

After I finished the flashing on the north side window today, I climbed the hill behind the JayBee and shot this picture over the roofs, overlooking the river.

It was strange to look down at the JayBee--and see straight through it to the snow on the south side.

These mysterious tracks were leading to/from the JayBee. They don't look like cat tracks. Hmmm.

Where do you think this weekend's snow will go?

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