Friday, February 6, 2015

Window Trim 4

I have spent hours shoveling and moving snow each of the last few days. When not shoveling, I have been staining/weatherproofing more shingles, and I have been crafting some metal flashings to install on top of the window trim. The key blocks in the top pieces of window trim require a bit of custom work. Each window will have four pieces of flashing. Since I want the flashing to be inconspicuous, I am using cedar-colored paint on the part of it that might end up exposed.

The first two pieces installed in the key block corners.

Then the other two pieces installed.

As a final step, I put housewrap tape over all aluminum and nail heads that might come in contact with cedar shingles, in order to ensure the shingles don't react with the metals. I am pleased with the results; the flashing blends in enough to sort of disappear.

Second window done.

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Two days ago, Arlen shoveled off the roof. It was quite a job, especially since this west side had about three feet of snow on it. I used the snow scoop to haul away all the snow he tossed down. Of course we got more snow overnight. Yesterday, Arlen used the roof rake to get some of the new snow off. Arlen says if the snowbanks grow a few inches higher, he won't need a ladder to get up on the roof.

I guess this ladder is going to stay here until springtime now.

I thought the cats would forego going into the garage now that the snowbanks are so tall, but these fresh tracks suggest otherwise.

Here's Arlen heading out for another cross-country skiing adventure out behind the JayBee.

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