Monday, February 16, 2015

The Blizzard that Wasn't

I woke up the other morning remembering that I'd had a dream about melting snow with cedar-colored stain. Not so surprising, I guess, since snow and stain are playing a prominent part in my life at the moment. I also remembered that, in my dream, I'd had some brilliant new idea about how to use metal flashing. Unfortunately, I cannot remember just what the brilliant idea is!

I know other states, and even southern and downeast Maine, received a lot of snow from the blizzard over the weekend. Not so here, where we only got two inches or so. For us, a big to-do about nothing. The wind continues to be insane, though, so I have to keep limiting my outdoor-exposure time.

What really struck me today was the river. Normally, it looks all smoothly white. Today it looks all ruffled up--like herds of animals played a soccer game on it or something. That's how strong and gusty the wind is; it is leaving its mark all over the river.

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