Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Are You Sick of Snow Pictures Yet? (Window Trim 5)

I spent three hours shoveling snow today. Even though the storm lasted more than 36 hours, the snow wasn't all that deep--at the most, about 8 inches. It took so long to clear out because of how far I have to drag each shovelful in order to find a place to dump it.

I waited and waited for my plow guy to come clear out my driveway. (He'd come once mid storm, but I still wanted the last 4-5 inches moved.) By late afternoon, I stopped waiting and went to work on the flashing above the living room window trim.

The first two pieces of flashing installed.

The long third piece of flashing installed.

The middle short piece of flashing installed.

The housewrap tape applied.

The flashing is all done on the south side windows.

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The snow in the yard just keeps getting deeper.

And the snow keeps melting on the roof, sending water running down through the eaves to form thick ice on the outside of the old house.

I have been wondering when this large pile of snow is going to let loose from this tree...and if I'll be underneath it when it happens.

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