Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bed Area 1

The apparent simplicity of these drawings of the walls around the bed area in the JayBee belie the amount of thinking and re-thinking that has gone into them.

Every fraction of an inch around the bed area of the JayBee is vital and, since the walls around that area are not load bearing, I have decided that I should build them out of 2x3s instead of 2x4s. I have an old stash of 2x3s that I can use for this but, wouldn't you know, they are stored out in the garage. Have any brilliant ideas how I can get to them?

I ended up wading through the thigh-deep snow up around the west end of the JayBee and then behind the huge snowbank. From the garage, I threw 2x3s up over the snowbank.

I crawled through the snow back to the driveway. From there, I retrieved the 2x3s, wiped them down, and moved them into the JayBee. Exhausting!

I thought I might start building walls today but, surprise, surprise, I was greeted by more snow this morning. Snow moving comes first!

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