Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bed Area 3

We have now had a few days without new snowfall! This gives me real hours of the day to work on things, rather than simply moving snow around all day.

I think it would be nice if more of my projects went smoothly, start to finish. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. This morning was a case in point. I went out to the JayBee this morning thinking I was going to quickly finish driving screws into the walls around the bed area. While I was trying to figure out why the two walls at the head of the bed just were not coming together as they should, it suddenly became clear. I had drawn one of my guidelines on the floor in the wrong place! This one line affected both walls. I sat for a moment, discouraged, and pondering whether I could make do with things as they were. In the end, I decided the mistake would not do; I had to start over. That one line being off by almost a half an inch on one end was affecting lots of things related to those walls, the bed, and the closet. Thankfully, I hadn't fully installed those two walls yet. I unscrewed them from the floor and set the small wall aside. I had to shorten the longer wall by almost half an inch, and reposition a couple of the studs. This did not take as long as I feared. Before noon I had the walls rebuilt and the whole bed area framed in.

Then, I sat on a stool like I was laying down on the bed, and I looked out the windows.

::: contented sigh :::

On to staining more shingles. Fun, fun.

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