Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's All About the Snow

During yesterday's snowstorm, I stained several batches of siding shingles--all in optimism that I will find a way to keep working on the exterior of the JayBee.

But, my world has become all about the snow.

Today, after two rounds of plowing, I headed out to shovel snow (surprise, surprise).

It took longer than usual because I was having to drag the snow quite a ways away from where it had fallen. I built a little snow ramp, dragged the snow from around the car, and threw it off the back side of the ramp using the snow scoop.

Even though the sun was out and I was working hard, I could not get warm enough. After an hour of shoveling, and a long ways from being done, I went back inside to warm up.

I cleaned up the rest of the yard with round two of shoveling. I have stopped adding snow to this pile. Once a snowbank rises above the bottom of a window, I think it's deep enough.

The snowbanks are now six feet tall. Notice how the septic system sign has disappeared completely?

It is getting difficult to keep open access around the west end of the JayBee.

Cat's view of the snow paths...

The ice dams on the old house are so bad, the water is coming down through the overhangs and freezing on the outside of the house. Guess it's time to shovel the roof. Yuck. Where will I put that snow?

By the time I was done shoveling, the sun was disappearing. The sky now looks like...
more snow is coming.

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