Sunday, February 1, 2015

Window Trim 3

I cannot say today is the calm before the next storm. We are expecting another storm tomorrow, but today was not calm; it was extremely windy. It was quite a sound, hearing all the bare trees knocking against each other in the wind. Nice blue sky, though, and sunny.

The cold is always easier to take when in the sun, so I started on the sunny south side. Another window trimmed out!

Next up: trimming the window on the north side. There were good reasons why I had avoided going back there to finish up the window flashing. It was hard to imagine how I was going to navigate the ice and snow back there. And check out the snow on the roof! I could just see all of that letting loose and sliding off right when I'm underneath it all.

The bottom layer is thick ice that slants down the hill. Once when I fell, I almost disappeared underneath the JayBee. One good thing: The north side was sheltered from the wind. After my first exploratory trip back there...

A few trips of slipping and wrestling...and I had this set up. I completed the flashing around the window...

and started all the screws in the window trim.

Here is the trim resting on the plank, ready to be lifted into place.

After I was done, I almost had a highway back there.

North side window all trimmed out!

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  1. Been waiting for a picture of the river. Like I thought--You can't really tell it's there.

    Does this window seal off the house?

  2. The river is still vast but, yes, it is quite different when it is all frozen over. No blue, no waves, no visible tides. I can hear the wind and the ice buckling sometimes, but I miss the sound of the water. Still hear eagles calling on occasion, but I miss the sound of thwapping sturgeon. The view is wide open this time of year; when the trees leaf out, the view closes in.

    No, the JayBee is not all closed in, unfortunately. The third photo in this post shows the still-open west end.