Sunday, November 16, 2014

Roofing 4

I had two roofing helpers today. We had been hoping to install metal roofing panels, but I hadn't gotten far enough along to do that, so we decided to focus on getting the ice and water shield completely installed instead. The day started out cold!

Three of us up on the roof was a bit much, especially since we only had one heat gun, so I eventually climbed down to work on more drip edge. At one point, Bear joined the three of us up on the roof. As if there wasn't enough to worry about tripping over or slipping on, he just had to get underfoot. I was so annoyed, I didn't even snap a photo of him.

Here is Arlen helping drive the final screw into a piece of drip edge we added to the roof.

The crib I made for the underlayment worked even better today because I added two more rails to the basket of it.

After we took a lunch break, the sun retreated, and it got much colder (opposite of the forecast that the temperature would rise to 40 degrees F today), making it really difficult to work with the underlayment.

Then, we ran out of underlayment. We need just a little bit more to finish covering the roof. So, once again, we added a tarp back to the roof. The JayBee is starting to look different, though.

Well, the west end--not so much.

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