Monday, November 24, 2014

Roofing 6

I added another piece of drip edge to the east gable end, so the drip edge on that end of the house is done.

I pulled the tarp off the roof--determined to finish installing the ice and water shield underlayment. After initially taking great pains to keep the roof vent holes open as I was installing underlayment, the whole strategy shifted to cover everything (including the vent holes) to make the roof weatherproof. Then, when the sheets of metal roofing are installed, I will open up the vent holes.

I didn't finish sealing the underlayment down with the heat gun until after dark, but at least I finished!

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Every time I set up two ladders to work on the drip edge, Bear thinks one of the ladders is for him.

There have been large groups (rafters?) of turkeys wandering around lately. I was able to catch some in flight the other day.

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