Saturday, November 8, 2014

Housewrap 3

I finished installing radiant barrier and housewrap up to the peak on the east end of the JayBee. The exposed green stuff you see is ice and water shield that I used as flashing on the top edge of the bumpout.

Since I hadn't made a decision about housewrap when I began installing the trim, only the radiant barrier is installed underneath the trim. I brought the felt housewrap up to the bottom edge of the trim and then pulled the top strip of radiant barrier down over it.

Installing the radiant barrier on the north side...

It is challenging installing anything on the north side of the JayBee because of the slope of the hillside and because the hill is entirely clay. These last few days, the clay has been especially slick. The following photo doesn't adequately convey just how slippery it is back there; I felt like my feet were skating downhill on grease! Believe it or not, stepping on wet leaves is actually better than stepping on the dirt.

An additional challenge I had while installing the upper courses of housewrap on the north side was that the steep hill didn't allow me to set up stand-alone stepladders, and I couldn't lean a ladder against any part of the house I was working on. So...I set up staging instead--and then wrestled with it every time I needed to move it.

Finally. The housewrap on the north side is done--all the way up to the peak of the dormer. Not sure why the bottom course has become so dimpled; it was smooth when I installed it.

I would like to celebrate being done with housewrap entirely, but the entryway isn't done yet, and this is the west end of the JayBee...

The poor neglected west end. Floor isn't done. Bumpout isn't built. Housewrap is now waiting as well. Everything in this end is waiting on plumbing.

No more tarps are hanging as covers for windows on the other three sides. This is what the windows now look like from the inside.

I won't cut the housewrap covering the window holes until I am ready to install the windows.

Now to move onto roofing!

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Great moon last night!

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