Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Housewrap 2

The sun came out after the snowstorm was over...

...and it warmed up some, but the snow (and the dripping and melting) got in my way a bit. I was lucky not to lose power in the storm, since so many in Maine did.

The JayBee sits in front of a south facing hill, so the snow quickly melted on the JayBee and on the hillside behind it--

unlike the north facing hillsides, which held onto their snow.

The snow melting off the JayBee ran in streams off the tarp. Every time I stepped under the tarp, I got a cold trickle down my neck.

I finished all three courses of housewrap on the western end of the south wall.

Next, I covered the rest of the south wall and the whole east end with radiant barrier. After the first course of housewrap was added...

...and after the other two courses were added.

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It gets dark early these days! I was finally done cleaning up at 5:00 today, but it was too dark at that point to be working outside. Pretty moon tonight.


  1. It's excited to see all your progress, Jan! The house is looking beautiful!

  2. Hi Shannon! I guess lots of tiny steps start to add up to progress. Thanks for noticing. Gotta keep plodding along; I guess a polar vortex is on its way...