Saturday, November 15, 2014

Roofing 3

It looked and felt like midwinter yesterday, which made it hard to get much done on the outside of the JayBee. We have had years when we didn't get any snow until after Christmas; clearly this isn't one of them.

It didn't get much above freezing today, but the sun was out, so it was serious roofing time.

The snow was off the south roof of the JayBee, but this is what the north roof looked like when I got started. As I peeled back the tarp, snow and ice crystals kept pouring down my shirt.

Guess who beat me up onto the roof?

Can you guess what I made this for?

How about once the legs are on it?

No idea? Well, here it is in use. The rolls of ice and water shield are so incredibly heavy. It was all I could do to get this roll up on the roof. I built the crib for it so I would have a way to unroll lengths of the shield without having to worry about the whole thing rolling off the roof. The duct tape straps are meant to hold the roll in the crib as the roll gets smaller. It worked, but I think more wooden ribs in place of the duct tape would work even better.

As soon as I started working on the roof, George began meowing. He wanted to be let inside the house. I kept telling him that I wasn't climbing down until the end of the day, but he kept meowing...and meowing. Finally, he found a place in the sun to sleep while he waited.

The ice and water shield is supposed to be installed when it's 45 degrees F or warmer. Didn't come close today. When I peeled off the backing, the shield didn't really stick to the sheathing. (If it was summertime, it would be annoyingly super sticky.) Fine by me; it meant I could keep repositioning it until I was happy with its placement. Once it was in place, I used a heat gun to heat it up (which made it sticky) and a j-roller to seal the shield down to the roof. An added benefit to using the heat gun; it put off so much heat, I could work without wearing gloves.

First piece!

All four dormer valleys done.

South dormer done.

North dormer done.

I got another piece installed, but I pushed the daylight window a little too far. I had to pick up and put away everything after dark.

George was happy to be finally let into the house!

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  1. You realize of course that as soon as the door closed on George he'd know the fun was on the other side of the door and he'd want back out again.

    As for the roll cradle--Brilliant!

  2. You crack me up! That is so true. Both cats are continually trying to get to the other side of the door. In the house, out of the house, in the house, out of the house. During the summer months, they use a cat door. This time of year, I am their devoted (and occasionally cranky) doorperson.