Saturday, June 27, 2015

Siding (East Wall) 9

What a bear it was to finish that last row! It had to be two layers deep, and each and every shingle had to be specially cut and eensy weensy. It's done now, though!

(Those who are especially observant will see a seemingly out-of-place block I placed on top of the metal flashing above the window. I'm using it as a temporary spacer.)

I'm done shingling the east side for now. I can't shingle up higher until I install the awning window. I can't install the window until the roofing is installed on the bumpout. I can't install the roofing on the bumpout until I install the roofing on the main part of the house (because I want to use leftover scraps on the bumpout). I can't install the roofing on the main part of the house until the vent holes are drilled through the roof. I can't drill holes through the roof until I know their precise locations. I won't know their precise locations until I have a plumber!

Can't start shingling the north side of the house because I don't know where to trim out the access panel for the electrical system. (The electrician says he will be here in a week or so.) Can't start shingling the west side of the house because the bumpout hasn't been built on that end yet. Can't build the bumpout until I finish the insulation and subfloor on that end. Can't finish the subfloor in the bathroom until I know the locations of plumbing waste lines. Won't know that until I have a plumber!

Gotta do some re-grouping. At least I did get a new recommendation for a plumber to pursue. Wish me luck!

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