Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bits and Pieces

When I find myself hemming and hawing over the next big housebuilding step, I tell myself that my indecision can't allow me to get paralyzed into inaction. I figure that, as long as I keep moving forward with something, it's all good. Eventually, I work out the details of whatever has me stewing, and I move forward with that too.

These last few days, I have been tackling all kinds of little jobs. Before I can add a bead of caulk between the window trim and the windows, I needed to shove some backer rod in the larger cracks. In some cases, like in the photo below, the trim is snug enough up against the window that no backer rod is needed.

The next photo shows the largest crack I had to fill. It's about a quarter inch wide; the dark gray styrofoam stuff is the backer rod. I did all the windows and door. I haven't added the caulk yet; I'm waiting for it to get a little warmer first.

I also started staining the ceiling joists in the JayBee, beginning with the east end. Before the stain...

After two joists done.

After all the east end ceiling joists were stained.

While I was outside working yesterday, I heard loud clip-clop sounds coming from the road. I ran to the top of the hill and caught this horse and rider trotting by.

I removed all the plastic and hay from around the foundation of the old house. In the process, I disturbed four snakes. Yikes, I do not like snakes! Thankfully, it is still so cold outside, they were pretty sluggish. Here's the head end of one of the snakes.

 ...and the tail end.

Sweet George.

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